A Geographic Information System or GIS Land Management Software integrates software and data for managing, analyzing, and displaying all forms of geographically referenced information associated with developing and managing infrastructure. In just one click, users can look up property, land-use and zoning information, and streets maps. Esri GIS Software can be integrated into any government agency information system framework to provide a geographic view of all asset, work order or service requests.

With ArcGIS Online users will be able to visualize, question, and interpret data in many ways that reveal spatial relationships and trends in the form of maps. Leveraging spatial data through technology is becoming essential to understanding what is happening, and what will happen in geographic space. GIS Land Management Software is transforming the way organizations operate.


Economic development agencies use data and GIS tools to engage and grow their businesses, increasing accuracy, productivity, and revenue.

  • Automated workflow improves accuracy and quality; saving labor, time and money.
  • Manage land information assets efficiently and effectively delivering a return on investment.
  • With modern Web-based applications and accurate, current data, agencies give business leaders the information they need to make investment decisions.


Automated workflow makes it possible for multiple users to edit at the same time, facilitating data sharing between departments, organizations, and field staff.

  • Provides a strong framework for managing geography records with full transaction support and reporting tools.
  • Conduct spatial analysis, overlay data, and integrate other solutions and systems.
  • Support all phases of infrastructure management including Architecture, Engineering and Construction.


Hundreds of tools for performing spatial analysis assist in understanding situations through visualization and storytelling.

  • Provides a graphical view of land records through the power of digital maps and aerial photos.
  • Easily generate notification letters to owners identified by a radius search, and merge the data into an existing document.
  • Provides data management and mapping needed for better asset and work order management, planning, and prioritization.